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Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (abbreviated as PROO and Operation Overdrive) is an American television program, the fifteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise based on the Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger, which is also the thirtieth entry and anniversary of that franchise. It premiered on February 26, 2007.[1] Operation Overdrive is broadcast on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block and ABC Kids in the United States, and on stand-alone Jetix networks in other countries. The program is a co-production between Disney and Toei. It is also broadcast on terrestrial network ITV in the UK.

Unique among Power Ranger series, Operation Overdrive has the Rangers exploring, operating and fighting in many different countries around the world, rather than focusing only on their home city of San Angeles. In search of the jewels, the Rangers have been to Atlantis, unnamed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific, Saint Lucia, Istanbul, London, Portugal, Indonesia, Norway, Mexico, Egypt, Florida, Greece and Japan. To specifically battle villainous attacks, they have visited Rotuma Island, Australia, Brazil, and Stonehenge.

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