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I`m from Azerbaijan,Baku and I LOVE NY!!!

Written by gangsta on 2008-06-28, 19:34:11

This picture doesn´t look great, but does look nice.

Written by potential new yorker on 2006-09-14, 14:05:52

Im from Russia.New-York...I love this town.

Written by Linka on 2006-01-21, 00:51:22

Hey, I´m from Germany but I love New York. This picture is very nice......

Written by Skywalker on 2006-01-09, 19:30:49

hehe very very gd! lks lke the real thing

Written by hehe on 2005-09-21, 20:34:31

pretty ocean

Written by Cnn on 2005-04-29, 23:00:37


Written by Anonymous on 2004-09-16, 21:12:32

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New York Wallpaper

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