R34 Skyline

2 Fast 2 Furious Movie with car R34 Skyline Wallpaper
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  • Submited:05.09.2003 10:09
  • File Size:64.84 Kb
  • Resolution:800x600
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  • Category:2 Fast 2 Furious
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User Comments

this car rocks!

Written by killer25 on 2004-03-16, 23:36:06

that is one hell of a nice car any one thinkks its crap write about it to me in person so shut up all u batty mans that is a wild CAR

Written by THOMAS MOLL on 2004-01-20, 21:33:49

nice one wicked car

Written by Anonymous on 2004-01-20, 21:17:31

Totaly UnderGround Very Best

Written by NightCrawler on 2003-12-25, 22:58:08

the film is the best but there are some things that I don´t like. something like cars cant be destroyed...

Written by Anonymous on 2003-12-25, 20:50:53

i have a car that looks like that car

Written by thebigtime on 2003-12-24, 21:53:39

this looks just like my car!!!!!!!!!!

Written by caca on 2003-12-20, 21:35:43

The car it´s real nice! i want a car like that!

Written by me on 2003-12-18, 03:57:44

the best thing about the move is that there are more cool cars and acter

Written by slim boy on 2003-12-17, 18:38:24

skyline is the best car in the world i want it very badly that´s for sure and 2 fast 2 furious is the best movie in the world but i don´t want it that badly.

Written by fuck you on 2003-12-10, 21:53:21

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