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wow shark!

Written by Anonymous on 2006-05-07, 11:22:02

makes you want to go for a swim (not)

Written by jeff on 2005-02-25, 14:28:02

Whoa!! He is FREAKY looking!! His eyes look evil!

Written by Bo Bo on 2004-11-19, 22:06:10

Awesome photo!! How close do you have to get for a shot like that? Did the photographer make it out with all his limbs intact?

Written by Joe Mama on 2004-11-19, 22:03:17

wow, such a fine animal!

Written by sg on 2004-11-10, 19:38:49

most impressive but there needs to be on that is in breech

Written by racheal on 2004-10-25, 19:17:01

Loved it. Really awesome!!!!!!!!

Written by TAZ on 2004-09-26, 18:06:34

Surfers worst nightmare

Written by Fant on 2004-06-16, 19:24:38

Jumps out at ya!!!

Written by Dan on 2004-01-26, 10:09:14

Wow thats what I call a SHARK!!!

Written by Mel_ on 2003-12-14, 06:40:35

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