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love this movie

Written by anoymous on 2006-07-05, 02:31:28

Am the biggest fan of matrix, luv neo and trinity, they are the greatest couple ever and morpheus is oh so cool!!!!

Written by Tendayi on 2006-06-10, 19:27:34

I think i am the bigest fan of MAtrix i have watched all three movies seven times

Written by Admir/N e O on 2005-10-10, 20:45:21

hi everyone, i m a very big fan of this movie & ofcourse of the star KEANU REEVES.thanx 4 giving such a nice pics &wallpaers of these...

Written by Neo Anderson on 2005-01-26, 17:02:11

man i m a great fan this movie is simply out of yhe world keep it up

Written by kash on 2004-01-15, 14:06:50

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