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Yeah! Kylie is trully wonderful singer and a beautiful person (not too mention a beautiful woman)!

Written by Dragon on 2004-07-11, 02:28:42

Kylie Minogue is the best female artist she has been singing longer than any singer i know of.She has even been singing longer than the King Elvis one day she will be more popular than any singer.All of her songs have been A grades.Kylie Minogue is totally original not like most singers they all copy each other and ive even noticed some Kylie Mingue wannabes.All my family are Kylie Minogue fans and have all her albums.

Written by kirstie on 2004-03-03, 00:39:32

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Kylie Minogue Wallpaper
Kylie Minogue Wallpaper
Kylie Minogue Wallpaper
Kylie Minogue Wallpaper

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