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hey i know that your some big star and dont have time to read mail from a stranger but u really are my role model becouse i saw that movie love dont cost a thing and i saw how pretty you were and how popular you were in the movie and i thought wow i want to be just like her but when i saw an interview of you on the internet i saw that you were just like anybody else and that you want people to act there self so i want to say thank you for showing me i dont have to be another stistic but be myself

Written by kayla on 2006-06-06, 07:44:58

Every thing that you said is a lie thats what i did punk as kid.

Written by for pimpen from, Mr.Pimpen on 2006-05-23, 01:48:29

she is hot n sweet

Written by guccie_f on 2006-05-19, 17:15:43

she looks so pretty

Written by chocolate lover on 2006-04-15, 09:20:34

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Christina Milian Wallpaper
Christina Milian Wallpaper
Christina Milian Wallpaper
Christina Milian Wallpaper

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