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i want hacker wallpaper

Written by sush on 2009-10-06, 17:28:13

whats up lookin for a site that would have some evil type wallpapers let me know if ya can help a kangaroo out.

Written by killah_thekangaroo on 2005-08-05, 07:39:05

i find here these wallpapers and i got the best one from here

Written by Waqas on 2005-03-17, 06:40:38

Ball-er wallpaper

Written by D on 2005-01-24, 06:31:18

salam 2 all nice wallpapers all of here

Written by mani on 2004-12-27, 16:24:29

Why did youu focus on these keys??

As it is now I really do not like it at all, but if for instance it had focused on "wasd" then I would have that it is a *great* wallpaper because it has some "meaning" to it.

Hope this helps and gives you something to think about how to add something "extra" to your next one.

Written by Anonymous on 2004-11-27, 01:37:30

this wallpaper rules

Written by steven on 2004-09-20, 20:16:30

i find out that your digital wallpaper si quitly worse because of the less SOURCE

Written by janroe on 2004-04-06, 07:34:54

haha i like that

Written by haha on 2004-02-08, 20:11:09

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