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oh maybe me and u can surf some day or maybe not cuz i no thats not going to happen. but what ever and u are alright acter but cute at it

Written by michele on 2006-12-01, 18:09:20

hey wat up ur movie was cool ii like it.wel i though it was cool that u surf cuz i do that to some times when i can well i just wanted to tel u that so i guess nice talking to u.

Written by michele on 2006-12-01, 18:05:12

I am wating for next episode of peter pan

Written by Zain Butt on 2006-11-28, 12:25:29

i watch your film over and over are GEORGOUS!!!!

Written by Annie on 2006-05-08, 18:22:04

OMG jeremys like the hotties guy i have ever seem i sooooooo........................... love him

Written by jeremys_lover_girl on 2006-04-20, 02:51:34

hi i love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes is sooooooooo hot!! and i know all about him!! hes so awesome
O and just so u guys know. He dosennt´ have a girlfriend and im not a liar like some of u
that say your his girlfriend u r all just a bunch of liars!!!!


Written by jeremyisthehottest on 2005-07-05, 10:36:29

we think he is very good at acting and is very cute and buff
and qwer you can shut up cause he aint dumb

Written by tor and hayz on 2005-05-17, 09:01:34

jeremy is the best ever i cant stop thinkin abut him

Written by gloria-laura on 2005-04-23, 19:22:54

jeremy is so cute i wish i can marry him

Written by melanie l s on 2005-04-03, 17:37:52

jeremy is cool and hott, and sexy

Written by jessica/gundry on 2005-03-22, 23:53:33

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Peter Pan Wallpaper
Peter Pan Wallpaper

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