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im from greec and i love ashton he is the most beautif man in the world

Written by like_an_angel on 2007-01-02, 00:21:41

i wish i cood put in to werds how i feel abowt this pics but i can´t the hotnis is to hot

Written by catwomen on 2005-01-25, 20:58:21


Written by girl on 2005-01-25, 20:03:08

this is an awsome site 4 Ashton pics, he is so so so so so so so so so so so so so HOT!!!!!!!! I have no idea y peeps call me ashti, my name aint even ashley, I just love ashton & my friendds know so they didnt want to call me ashton so they say ashti, ASHTON & ASHTI SITTING IN A TREE.........

Written by Ashti on 2004-07-12, 06:06:28

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Ashton Kutcher Wallpaper
Ashton Kutcher Wallpaper
Ashton Kutcher Wallpaper
Ashton Kutcher Wallpaper

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