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Johnny Depp Wallpaper
Johnny Depp Wallpaper
Johnny Depp Wallpaper
Johnny Depp Wallpaper

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actually, I am really interested what kind of person is he....
I mean, Is he so nice like he looks like?

Written by Sophie on 2006-01-02, 14:06:17

Such a good looking guy, but then, all the handsome ones are taken!!!!

Written by Jennie, Guyana on 2005-07-24, 20:11:27

you guys really think he´s gonna go for you guys? he´s married and has 3 kids. he gets this kind of reaction everyday. he´s hot and everything but if you really like him you should respect him as an actor! i think you´re the greatest actor of all time. you´re all serious about everything and you know your character well. i became obsesed with you in the 2nd grade from Edward scissor hands. hope you read this.

Written by Megan on 2005-01-03, 16:12:19


Written by JEn on 2004-11-18, 20:35:29

God Damn how can I possibly get a guy this hott!!! . I LOVE YOU JOHNNY! WILL YOU MARRY ME JOHNNY!

I´m on my way

Written by lia on 2004-10-31, 03:23:49

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