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hey a love the wallpapers and the viarity and option that u get on the site

Written by nikkie on 2006-01-23, 20:14:17

i luv garfield hes da funiest cat i no n garfield film is so ace n im gettin it da day it cums out n iv got alll da cartoons on dvd

Written by !x! holly !x! on 2004-11-11, 18:35:35

i think tat is was so funny ( o ) : ha ha ha ha ha

Written by Anonymous on 2004-09-04, 16:19:10

It was okay, brah but dude its kiddy lame

Written by gally on 2004-08-30, 22:39:38

waw, what a funny cat!!!!

Written by ginger on 2004-06-24, 10:11:09

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